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Welcome to LodgingGuide's hospitality industry listings for the Rome area.

The former capital of the civilized world to which all roads led has survived the centuries, much of it still intact even from its earliest days. The centuries have expanded it, added more population and construction density, with more attention paid to historic preservation than to urban planning. As a result, the city is a complex array of neighborhoods each of which has its own history and evolution. Your first exposure to this historic critial mass may range anywhere from wide eyed delight to abject astonishment, but give Rome a chance. Rome is an ancient city, and your home town probably is not. In time, you will learn your own favorite areas, routes and things to do. It is all here, everything you can imagine, as would be expected from the New York City of the old world. Start at the Campidoglio in the center of town, the Capitol building and courtyard where the original Roman citizens worshipped Jupiter. The Vatican City is close by with its museums, St. Paul's cathedral and the Sistine Chapel, all of which include the world famous works of Michelangelo.

Medievel Rome is on the other side of the Tiber River in Trastevere. The open air market in the Campo de' Fiori there is one of the largest in the world, and certainly one of the oldest. In Rome's northeast section, where a maiden discovered a spring at the point that Rome's three original roads ('tre vie') intersected is now the Trevi Fountain, into which those who throw in three coins are destined to return to Rome, to Neptune and to the sea. Also linking the intersection of Via Condotti, Via del Babuino, and Via Felice are the Spanish Steps, arising from the Piazza di Spagna. From the top, you can see the entire city, and make a choice of road on which to continue your exploration. The steps themselves are filled with artists and street vendors who are prepared to sell anything for which there is a demand. The competing influences along the climb, and the ultimate vantage at the top from which you may choose either of three directions from this center of the ancient world effect a metaphor in stone of the process of individual human growth, as well as that of all modern civilization and commerce which emanated from this point.

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· Termini - Central Station · Rome West
Lodging near Rome's large central train station, Piazza della Republica and S. Maria Maggiore. Lodging options west of the Tiber, in the Foro Italico, Vatican, Castel Sant'Angelo and other areas.
· Old Shopping District · Rome North
Lodging in areas generally south of Villa Borghese and behind the Spanish Steps, centered on the Piazza di Spagna. Lodging options north of the city center, near the Villa Borghese, Galleria Arte Modernia, Villa Ada, and Zoo.
· Quirinale · Rome
Lodging in the areas generally between the Spanish Steps and the Central Station, including Trevi Fountain and Via Veneto. Lodging options in the Greater Rome area.
· Surrounding Communities
Lodging in communities surrounding the Greater Rome area, including Latina, Fiuggi, Frascati, Bracciano, Viterbo and others.

Area Facts: Rome formally became the capital of the State of Italy in 1871. The international dialing code for Italy (including Vatican City) is 39. The area code for Rome is 6.

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